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Website Building For Reverse Mortgage Company

If there is one wisdom that comes with our experience in working with finance companies, it is that there are many reverse mortgage companies in the market today. Any company that wants to compete in this market should plan for a website. Doing otherwise would mean a blunted edge in a market that thrives on having an edge.

Mr. Websites had the opportunity to work with Asteria Reverse Mortgage, a company based in San Jose, California.

About Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is loan exclusively available to seniors who are 62 years or older and who owns equity in a home. Unlike other types of mortgages, a senior's obligations to a reverse mortgage is not repaid unless if the homeowner dies, sells the house, or permanently of the house. There are FHA reverse mortgages and there are private reverse mortgages. A Reverse Mortgage Loan Calculator for Seniors is a big part of the appeal for internet based sites. A reverse mortgage is normally paid either in one lump sum or in monthly payments. 

Building The Website

The website for Asteria Reverse Mortgage took some time to build. With virtually zero knowledge in website building, the team of Mr. Websites  first went through the motions of explaining to the bosses of Asteria Reverse Mortgage how a website is a lot like a sales agent. It calls on prospects and converts them into buyers.  A website services clients too. 

We then consulted with the reverse mortgage company on who they intended the website for. We found out that the website is for customers and potential customers, as well as their employees. So we created a full-fledged website with back room support for customer Internet and Intranet.  

Building the website took three stages: (a) planning, (b) designing and programming, (c) testing.

It wasn't long after the website was done that customers came trickling into Asteria Reverse Mortgage and all without the help of salespersons actively seeking out clients.

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